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Welcome to Glitz and Glamour Paw Schnauzers. My name is Brenda and I am a Toy & Miniature Schnauzer breeder located near Indianapolis, Indiana. This is where my dreams come true of producing some of the most beautiful Schnauzer puppies around. I carry rare colors (  AKC REGISTERED  )  including Chocolate Parti Schnauzers, Black & White Parti Schnauzers, Chocolate Schnauzers, aka Liver Schnauzers and Liver/Tan Schnauzers. You can check my Schnauzer parents page to see all the different colors.

Next year, 2015,  we will have Teacups.   Yes I said teacups, and they are precious!   They have the same qualities  as a miniature schnauzer, only they come in a smaller package. 


All of my Schnauzers are registered AKC. We are not a kennel, they are my pets that live with me in my home. Here they get lots and lots of individual attention and with my puppies being raised indoors too, they are well socialized and acquainted with all the surrounding noises that go on inside a home. They are handled and played with daily by everyone of all ages. Oh, and they receive lots of hugs and kisses too! Check out our Schnauzer puppiesand Upcoming Litterspages to see what we have and what we have coming soon.


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In my opinion, Toy & Miniature Schnauzers are the best pet dog for anyone. Their sweet, loving, playful natured dogs that like being with their family. They train easily, make a good watchdog, they don't shed, which is good for people who suffer allergies, and best of all they just seem to love life and the people there with! Not to big, not to small, just the perfect little 4 legged friend!!


If you have any questions or if your interested in one of our schnauzer babies please feel free to email or call me


(317) 494-2381

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Teacup, Toy and Miniature Schnauzers

All my Schnauzer puppies are sold as pet only and will not receive AKC paperwork until we receive spay or neuter paperwork.  Please add add'l 50.00 to price of puppy for AKC papers. 
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